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Hi, I’m Annie, 20, Australia

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QAPIAR 2k14 Fundraising

QAPIAR, or Queer Asian/Pacific Islander American Retreat, is a retreat for queer and API identified students created and run by UC Davis students. This retreat aims to celebrate our identities and histories, address the struggles faced by queer API students, and inspire and empower attendees. (This retreat is inclusive of mixed API students as well.)

While attendees do pay a fee to attend the retreat, the income received does not cover the entire cost of the retreat.

We are not certain how much we will receive from UC Davis, and recently, a $1000 grant was denied. If you have even just a few dollars to spare, and want to contribute to helping these students build a stronger queer, API community in UC Davis and surrounding schools, we would greatly appreciate any donation you can make.

Please read our gofundme page for more information. Thank you so much for your consideration.

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My friends call me JJ.. feel free to talk to me.. I’ll respond to you ;) from Malaysia (can yum cha anytimeeeee) am 20 this year and I am a bananaaaaaaa..hahaha.. I’m an easy going person so don’t hesitate to ask me anything 

If you are curious to know more about me you can follow or ask me anything at

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Hey im jamie, from singapore & very gay :)

im friendly:

Hello, I’m Nat (:

Hi everyone! I’m Julie. Chinese, bi, questioning/non-binary. I like to draw, here’s a drawing I did related to my questioning gender identity.

Here’s my blog: 

come say hi i love new friends :)

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Hi LGBTQ Asian
I’m new to  tmblr willing to make some cool friends? yeah? :)

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I’m Jenny 20 years old

Venezuelan/ Chinese

from Canada Toronto


Mmm-hmm. Submit, yes. Hi I’m Charm and I am a very nice human being. MESSAGE ME ;) <-

Regina,18,single and looking,dont mind LDR,lesbian Singapore Kik: rlhg16

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Hi I'm KaiHiiiii, I’m Kai. I’m half Chinese-Filipino and half White… Hit me up on

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Ray, Canada 
100% Filipino and proud
Where my Queer, Trans and Gender-non Binary Pin@ys at? 
Check out my writing and poetry at
IG: EyitsRay

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