Hi, I’m Angeline. I’m currently single. I’m 20 years old and will be 21 in June. I’m a junior at Western Michigan University. I love Disney movies. I am Khmer.


The Power of Pride Project is a book being developed to tell the varied and diverse stories of a community that transcends boundaries defined by age, geography, race, and creed. It is intended to inspire LGBTQ youth, to open the eyes of those outside our community, and to create a shared experience from which new perspectives can be gleaned.

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You are all adorable and I want to be friends with ya’ll. You should come talk to me cuz I’m almost always up to talk about things that matter. And I bite.

Today’s my dad’s 72nd birthday. We’ve been celebrating 8 birthdays without him but hey, it doesn’t mean he isn’t with us. Even through 6 inches of snow and a layer of thick ice, we knew exactly were dad was. We were able to dig out his memorial stone through our instincts. <3 I love you dad! Rest in peace! Happy birthday, you look younger and younger each year papa. Love your little girl.


Aya Kamikawa: Why she kicks ass

  • She is the only openly transgender official in Japan at this point, and the first to seek or win elected office in Japan.
  • She won a four-year term as an independent under huge media attention, placing sixth of 72 candidates running for 52 seats in the Setagaya ward assembly, the most populous district in Tokyo.  In April 2007, she was re-elected to her second term, placing second of 71 candidates running for 52 in the same ward assembly. 
  • While the government announced that they would continue to consider her male officially, she stated that she would work as a woman. 
  • She is devoted to work for various groups, the disabled, single-parent families, homeless people to evening junior high school students, LGBT people and to improve rights for women, children, the elderly.  She strives to give support for these people and bring positive changes which would help them in society. 
  • She was also a committee member for Trans-net Japan (a self-support group for transgender people) and organised meetings and social events to give support and symposiums to raise the public awareness.

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Thanks so much for all your support over the years! Please feel free to keep submitting and sharing yourselves and your stories. Keep letting the world know that our voices and identities exist!

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"Trans rights are human rights." This moving video features 21 transgender people in Asia and across the Pacific sharing their experiences with their families, healthcare providers, government entities and more, and how those experiences were shaped by their trans status. 

Together with UNAIDS, the Asia-Pacific Transgender Network released the video for special recognition today, Zero Discrimination Day, which is “a day to celebrate everyone’s right to live a full life with dignity no matter what they look like, where they come from or who they love.” (via Gay Star News)

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message me if you want to talk closet stuff :)

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Hey oh!

Guest Piece By by kim thompson / 김종예: Thoughts on “being” a queer Korean-American-Adoptee OR “The Things for which there is no Handbook” « Gazillion Voices

kim thompson is the recipient of state and national grants from The Playwrights Centre, Intermedia Arts, and Pangea World Theater in Minneapolis, MN and the Jerome Foundation for performance, literature, and theater. She has been living full time in Seoul since Oct. 2009, after having spent 5 months in Seoul on the Jerome Foundation’s Travel Grant for Literature. kim is currently in the process of digesting her almost 5 years of living in Seoul and feels the sentences forming for whatever shall be her next work as an artist. Until that time comes, she is collecting and absorbing the experience of living “here.”

This piece is a retelling in snapshot form of her personal firsthand experiences, and she believes this to be the best way to answer/speak to the questions that she and others are often asked in terms of what it is like to “be a queer adoptee living in Seoul.”

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