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Selections from “Our Portraits, Our Families,” an exhibition at the Museum of Chinese in America about acceptance of LGBTQ family members in Asian and Pacific Islander families.

Ka-Man Tse, who identifies as a Chinese-American lesbian, photographed her own experience with her parents and her wife, Cheryl. Though her parents and her partner had always been in her work, Tse said, the photos she took for “Our Portraits, Our Families,” were the first she’s made with all of them in the same room. “I wanted the images to be about how my parents now can share a meal with my wife, and welcome her into their home—and that we exist together as family. In our household, making and sharing a meal is the ultimate expression of love, and so the images center around that idea of preparing and sharing a meal—seemingly mundane or everyday occurrences, but wonderfully huge victories and gestures in our family story of how my parents have evolved over the past 16 years to come to accept their gay daughter.”

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