17 | lesbian | Singapore | loving life

let me inspire that dazzling smile of yours.


1. Photo is above ^

2. Gabi Lee

3. Tumblr: http://gwilluhkerz.tumblr.com/

4. I model, play 3 sports, 3 instruments, Im 17, Asian american, love meeting new people, love my followers, I have an instagram, snapchat,  and Twitter as well. I am lesbian, and I don’t judge anyone :)

Have an amazing day.

My name’s Robert if you were wondering. 

This is a new submission blog made for anyone in or near Georgia looking for a friendship or more! 


Hey it’s Joey, and I’m 15 ^ - ^



I’m Day’Ja and I like all sorts of things. I never know what to write so just look at my blog or send me a message if you’re interested to know more :D. 

Ps. I’m a mixture of ethnicities :P


18. Down to talk and make new friends, message me! :) 

Hello :) I’m Sarahfe from Philippines definitely an Asian btw i’m bi.

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18. SoCal. Single. Don’t be shy, I like meeting new people. 

Pan/Bi/Queer & Chinese-American :)


I’m Chinese-American and identify as Pan/Bi/Queer (depending on the level of understanding of who I’m talking to) and am cisgender female. I’m interested in computer science, art, innovation, and I do Chinese Lion Dance! I just started a new personal blog and I’ll be posting a lot of things relating to intersectionality between queer and Asian identities.

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effects of homophobia

Hey, fuckyeahlgbtqasians! I have created a survey for my anthropology class and would greatly appreciate it if you could post it so some of your lovely lgbtqaip+ followers can fill it out. It is completely anonymous and will be used for research purposes only. Thank you for your time!

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